Shakib calls for building resistance against rape

In recent times, rape seems to have become a daily occurrence in Bangladesh. Every day news of multiple rapes or violence against women is coming up. The whole country is up in arms in protest of such brutal treatment of women. The country’s best player Shakib Al Hasan has also joined it. The all-rounder has given a status of defendant on social media.

Currently, the situation in the country is such that no woman is 100% safe. Citing the example of his mother, wife, sister and daughter, Shakib wrote on his Facebook page, “I am the son of a wonderful woman, I have got a wonderful woman as my wife in the course of my life, I am the brother of a great woman and I am the father of two beautiful daughters.”

So this time Shakib is the defendant against rape. The all-rounder said, “I can no longer remain silent after a class of barbaric people are committing heinous crimes against women and children every day irrespective of age, religion and caste. My position is therefore against all forms of hatred and violence. We have to continue to fight for the protection and realization of each other’s rights, just as our freedom fighters fought to ensure our rights.

The all-rounder therefore called for a united front against the dreaded social ills of rape, saying, “Let us unite and fight this moral decay and ensure the safety of our women and children so that they can dream and live their lives without fear.” Remember, if we do not stand up against this barbaric behaviour and mentality today, one day one of our loved ones may be the victim of this cruelty. ‘


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