Arona Foundation took initiative to help the Covid Distress People

Arona Foundation took initiative to help the Covid distress people of Southern District of Bangladesh led by Chief Editor Mr Omar Yasser Mallick of Eastern News Agency & Ceo  Arona Foundation to distribute Emergency Food Relief for 100 people in the southern District of Bangladesh at Rangpur Region.

Items Includes :

1 Rice 1.5 Kg

2 Yellow Lentils 1kg

3 Potato 1 Kg

4 Soap 1 Pcs

While speaking with Mr Mallick – They informed that the fatality of Covid 19 plagued around Bangladeshi lower income community drastically .Literally people in the superb are way out of work , uncertainty and merely in starvation. We Arona Foundation took initiative to help the distress people at this crucial countdown

Arona Foundation has started the process of providing services to the people affected by Corona pandemic in SOUTH AND NORTH WEST OF of Bangladesh this year 2021. At the initial stage, an initiative has been taken to start the 90-day Covid 19 Relief Program Emergency supplies of Food & medicines to 2000 people & for 1000 stray animals in the northern & southern district of Bangladesh

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