Honorary Chairman

Honorary Chairman

Sagufta Yasmin Emily is presently serving as a member of parliament, representing the great people of Munshiganj 2 (Louhajang and Tongibari), in the 11th National Assembly of Republic of Bangladesh.

With all blessing of the Creator , she has been holding a legislative position since 1996 and is a proud member of the current ruling party, Awami League, the most prominent and oldest political party of Bangladesh. Additionally, she served as a Whip of Parliament in 9th National Assembly (2008-2013). 

Sagufta Yasmin Emily

Sagufta, before initiating her political career, was a college and university teacher in Dhaka , Bangladesh. She also founded a nonprofit organization called “Onneyshan”, which is leading mother and child care initiatives in Bangladesh.

Presently M.P Sagufta Yasmin Emily honored as the Chief Advisor & Honorary Chairman of Eastern News Agency (ENA) which was positioned earlier by her Father Late Nurul Islam Khan as founding Chairman , much to her credit.