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Background of Eastern News Agency

Eastern News Agency’ is the first privately-owned news agency in Bangladesh established in March 1968. It developed into a full-fledged news agency before the outbreak of the War of Liberation.

It was considered imperative such information powerhouse manned & managed by local Bangladesh Journalism expertise should emerge primarily for providing complete news agency infrastructure in the part of the Great Country Bangladesh. The agency earned appreciation of the people for its role during the eventful years of 1970-71. Consequently, it incurred the wrath of the military government of Pakistan in 1971 and the services of the agency remained suspended during the entire period of the War of Liberation. Its services were resumed in 1972.

Golam Rasul Malliick with his fleet of Journalist took the initiative and had dialogue with the great Leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who declared with Letter of Certificate that Eastern News Agency is the First national News Agency of Bangladesh with the aims to have free flow freedom of expression and will also project national news before the world objectively.

Thus, ENA took birth in the year 1968 and officially declared national news agency in the year 1971 signed by the Father of the nation evidently. Mr.Golam Rasul Mallick name and contribution to the cause of liberation war as media intellectual was recorded.