Game streamer Maria Nur | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Actor, Emcee, model or RJ – Maria Nur has explored different gates of showbiz over the years. The recent shutdown period brought out the inner gamer in her. She has been streaming video games on her YouTube channel for a while. People seem to like it.
She started steaming on her PlayStation 4 Pro. How? “Honestly, I am just a casual gamer. I love story-based games. Then I thought, why do not I stream it for an audience?” she said.  “The titles I have played recently are ‘Erica,’ ‘Detroit: Become Human,’ and ‘Among Us’. Besides, I am planning to get my hands on ‘Mafia’ and ‘The Last of Us’. I have tried some first-person shooter games as well but they do not seem to fit my taste,” said Maria. “Like I said, story-based games really attract me.”
As both, Sony and Microsoft, are gearing up to launch their next-gen consoles this November, Maria is excited. “I will probably get an upgrade. PlayStation 5 looks really tempting!” she said.Maria was inspired by one of her friends to start streaming. PewdiePie, the top tier game streamer, also intrigued Maria – to start her own live streaming videos.
“Gamers Community of Bangladesh,” arguably one of the biggest Facebook groups of Bangladeshi gamers, welcomed Maria with arms wide open. “I share my videos in this group. The gaming community has been quite supportive towards me,” said Maria We do not get to see a lot of Bangladeshi female game streamers on the internet. Is Maria the first celebrity gamer in Bangladesh? Maybe yes. Or maybe there are others. But it is always a delight to see more and more people get into gaming. “Video games are a big deal. In the near future, I believe people will take gamers ‘more seriously’. Who knows, games could be bigger than cinemas someday,” Maria opined.


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