Srijit, Mithila welcomes new guest into family | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular star couple Srijit Mukherji and Rafiath Rashid Mithila. Shortly after their marriage, the lockdown began due to the coronavirus outbreak; however, the two lovers remained in the two countries. Shortly after their marriage, the lockdown began due to the coronavirus. After the lockdown was relaxed, Mithila went straight to Kolkata with her daughter. Now they are with Srijit and organizing the Puja.
However, they will celebrate the Puja at home, as a result, there won’t be a chance to go out too much. In the meantime, Srijit-Mithila revealed new information about the arrival of a new member in the house. Basically, they brought two tortoises for their daughter. Mithila shared a picture of the tortoise on Twitter and wrote, “Meet the new members of our family. Harry and Harmony.”
It is worth to be mentioned that this is the first time Srijit will celebrate Durga Puja after marriage with wife Mithila. So the joy of Puja for him will be doubled. Kolkata Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has added a new dimension to that joy. She gifted the couple a blue sari and a red Punjabi. Srijit and Mithila did not forget to thank Mamata after receiving the gifts.