Tanjin Tisha gets response for Nandini’s character | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

In our country feminist story dramas are usually made very rarely. The producers dare not make too much interest in making dramas of women-centric stories. However, Sanjay Samaddar has created a woman-centric drama ‘Shikol’ with Tanjin Tisha, a popular actress of this generation. Which visitors regularly see in an app?
Even after its release on Apps, viewers are still watching the drama ‘Shikol’. The variety of the story and Nandini’s character Tanjin Tishar’s performance is captivating the audience. Not only is Tanjin Tishai getting a constant response for the chain, the director is also getting a lot of response.
Regarding the drama’s performance and the response it has received since its promotion, Tanjin Tisha said, “I think those who are really interested in playing a slightly different genre, who want to see themselves a little differently in acting, should watch the play.”
Because the character of Nandini is so challenging a character that I have done the job dedicated to presenting it properly. I became so attached to the Nandini character that it took me a long time to get out of this character.
Many thanks to the viewers who are watching the play by entering the app, inspiring me.  Thanks to the creator, gratitude too. Because he trusted me and challenged me to create this character. Our hard work did not go in vain.’


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