Robbie lights up screen in ‘Dreamland’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

The fourth film produced by Margot Robbie for her Lucky Chap Production company, the Aussie A-lister also stars in this drama set during the Great Depression.In ‘Dreamland’, Finn Cole plays Eugene, a young man living with his family in a small rural American town. His humdrum life is turned upside down when he finds Allison (Robbie), a bank robber on the run, hiding in his parents’ barn.
He agrees to help her escape in exchange for a big payoff, but soon becomes smitten with Allison, seeing her as a path to a more exciting life.  The film has some interesting ideas, but can never seem to quite thread everything together. It’s refreshing to see a story where it’s a young man getting swept off his feet by a charming female criminal, with Allison often having the emotional power over her would-be accomplice.
Robbie is powerful in the lead, morphing into whatever she needs to be to get a mile further away from capture. One of those personas is the girl of Eugene’s dreams, a façade he buys into happily. The enigmatic qualities of Robbie’s performance mean we’re never quite sure if she genuinely grows to love him on the way or, as she puts it, she’d “rather be scared with you than alone”. Equally as intriguing is the setting of a dust bowl town. A broken ‘Dreamland’ where once everyone came in search of fortune, but now families leave in droves having given up hope.  


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