Somu Chowdhury’s three decades in acting career | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Somu Chowdhury is the son of Jashore. He started his acting career professionally by acting in the drama ‘Samridha Ashim’ directed by the late Atiqul Haque Chowdhury. The drama was aired on BTV on March 22, 1990. He was acclaimed for his impeccable performance as Ghalib in that drama.
Since then he has been going strong in the field.
He is still acting in regular TV dramas and movies. Sometimes it can be said that he was away from acting for almost six years due to family reasons. But Somu Chowdhury has returned to his old rhythm after returning to acting.
Meanwhile, he has played the role of the father of Alka in short film ‘Amar Babar Name’ about Bangabandhu. He has acted in the movie ‘Choritro’ under the direction of Deen Islam. In the meantime, the drama ‘Khanbari Barabari’ has ended on Ekushey TV.
He has completed the work of the drama ‘Prayashchitta’ directed by Masud Chowdhury on BTV.  Somu Chowdhury said, “I have received the love and respect of the people of the country in the path of acting life. Maybe if you go to any other profession, there would be no chance to get this unconditional love.
However, as an actor, I have dissatisfaction. I have had the opportunity to work in some challenging characters, but I want to work in some more good characters, challenging characters, hoping to present myself in those characters in a newer way.”

Somu Chowdhury, a student of the Department of Social Sciences, Jagannath University, started his journey through Udichi in Jashore.


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