Apurba’s violent look in web series ‘Troll’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Ziaul Farooq Apurba is one of the best actors of the time He has captivated the audience with his varied characters. The actor, who is known as the ‘Boro Chele’, is giving away one hit drama after another. He is always seen in the characters of a calm nature.
This time in the ‘Troll’ web series, he has been seen in a crazy character a 52-second trailer has been released on Live Technologies’ official YouTube channel. Where he is intoxicated with revenge. In the trailer of the web series,  Apurba is looking at the violence in his eyes with a bloody hammer in his hand. Long cut stitches on the face, blood all over the body.
Apurba has returned to work after a long break after Eid. He has appeared with this deadly character to surprise the fans with his new return. The ‘Troll’ web series is directed by Sanjay Samaddar and written by Swarup Chandra Dey. Tasnia Farin will be seen opposite Apurba in this 90-minute story of Silent Killer.
The director said that the shooting of the web series was done in 6 days with a big budget and huge organization. Apurba said about his look in the troll web series, ‘I took some time to return to work after Eid. I have received many job offers. But this work seemed very different to me. Unique is a story and character. Although the story is known, it includes a mixture of family stories, brother-sister love-pain, some difficult times in the life of the star, cyber bullying, and many more.


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