Rozina’s upcoming film ‘Phire Dekha’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Rozina was once a popular actress. After 14 long years, she will stand in front of the camera again with a movie script. The name of her film is ‘Phire Dekha’. She will play the central role in it. Not only that, she will also direct the film. This is the first time actress Rozina is directing a film.
Although she announced the film a long time ago, she has finally started the construction work. It is being filmed with government grant for the current financial year.Recently, Rozina is preparing to make a song as part of the start of the production of this film. SI Tutul will give voice in that song written by Kabir Bakul.
In this context, Rozina said, “I have started preparing for the film a little slowly because of Corona. There will not be much music and dance sequences in this film, because the story of the film revolves round a family from before the War of Independence until the country became independent. I will start the actor selection process in a month. I will also play a central character in this film. However, I have planned to take a new acting pair.
There is a desire to make the film during the winter, since it is a picture of a rural story; it is very difficult to work in the rainy season. I will shoot it in different places of Rajbari. I will be able to make the film well with the cooperation of everyone.”
The actress has been directing dramas regularly for the last one decade before directing films. She was not acting for a long time. Besides making her debut as a film director through this film, Rozina is also returning to acting.


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