Babu’s special drama ‘Abodan’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Well known actor in TV dramas and films in Bangladesh is Fazlur Rahman Babu. He has acted in different types of challenging characters. Director SM Kamruzzaman Sagar did not think of such an alternative. He has made a special drama titled ‘Abodan’ with Babu.
The drama will be aired on Channel-i tomorrow, September 25 at 3.05 pm. regarding acting in the drama, Fazlur Rahman Babu said, “This is my first work under the direction of Sagar. Sagar has tried to portray the content of the story as much as possible.
The one who composed it wrote it very well. In a word, a wonderful script, excellent dialogue. I gave my best while trying to act out my character. I believe the audience will love the story.” The story is written by Pappuraj. Other actors who have acted in the drama are Saika Ahmed, Shibli, Gazi Faruque and many more.
The playwright Niaz Mahbub was in the filming. Meanwhile, Fazlur Rahman Babu is still not as regular as before. He is only taking on work after much consideration. He said he would shoot two days a week for now because Coronavirus panic is still rampant. So he will not be as regular in shooting as before until that panic is completely gone.

Babu said, ‘At this time of coronavirus, we think that it is gone but In fact, it isn’t gone, rather, our courage has increased. That’s why many people are going out without masks. Let us follow the rules of hygiene, stay safe.”

The last popular drama starring Babu is ‘Extra Artiste’. It was directed by Tanvir. The drama was aired on Dhrubo TV. The movie awaiting release starring Babu is Selim’s ‘Paap Punya’, Chayanika Chowdhury’s ‘Bishwo Sundori’, Sumit’s ‘Nona Joler Kabbo’. He will play the role of Khandaker Mostaq in the upcoming biopic about Bangabandhu.


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