Family story based drama ‘Toke Bhalobasi Ami’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

One of the busiest drama directors of this period is Nazmul Roni. This time he has tried to tell a family story in his new drama ‘Tokey Valobasi Ami’. The drama is composed by Chayan Deb.
Sohail Arman, Nazneen Chumki, Apurba, Safa Kabir, Johny and Chomok have acted in different roles of the drama.
Nazmul Roni said that his two sisters-in-law Safa and Chomok came to visit his elder brother Sohail Arman’s house on his wedding anniversary. Surrounding them, the story of the drama revolves around the various incidents of two brothers Apurba and Johnny. Roni said this is the first time that Sohail Arman and Apurba have acted in a drama together. Apurba, however, has acted in several dramas under the direction of Sohail Arman. On the other hand, this is the first time that Apurba and Safa have acted together under Roni’s direction.
Sohail Arman said, “After a long time, it has been great to work with Chumki. I have so much in common with Apurba, the relationship between us is excellent. That’s why I didn’t feel like I was acting with him for the first time.”
Chumki said, “The director of the drama was an assistant director in one of my dramas. Now that I have worked under his direction, I like it very much. And Sohail Bhai, Apurba, Safa Kabir, Johny, Chamak all of us have really tried to immerse ourselves in the story and act accordingly.”

Safa Kabir said, “My first work was under the direction of the director of the drama. Since the story of the drama revolves around the family, this is the main reason that inspired me to work on it. And the presence of many artistes in a drama was also something that I favoured. Honestly, I have always tried to act in dramas with good stories.”


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