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Cinema halls were closed for a long time due to coronavirus pandemic. All types of shooting were also stopped in the lockdown for some time. However, the doors of the cinema hall have been opened afterseven months on the instructions of the Ministry of Information.The screening of the movie started from October 16. Although the audience did not come to the cinema.New movies have not been released in the last one and a half months. This time the news of relief came in the month of victory. Five new movies are being released.
Until the latest news on the occasion of December 16, the names of five films have come up in the release list. Among them, ‘Rupsha Nadir Baake’ directed by Tanvir Mokammel and ‘Biswasundari’ by Chayanika Chowdhury will be released on December 11. ‘Rupsha Nadir Baake’ is a biography of a leftist leader. Starring Zahid Hossain Shovon, Khai0rul Alam Sabuj and Najiba Bashar and many others. And for the first time in ‘Biswasundari’, Siam and Pori Moni have teamed up. The decision to release these two pictures is final.
Another movie named ‘Mia Bhai of Tungi Para’ directed by Selim Khan might release as well. Unofficially, the director and producer of the film said that the film will be released on December 11 on the occasion of December 16. Dighi and Shanto Khan have acted in it. Dighi is making her debut as a heroine through this film.On the other hand, Bappi Chowdhury and Apu Biswas’ second film ‘Priyo Komola’ will have its world premiere on Channel I on the occasion of Victory Day. Directed by Shahriar Nazim Joy, the film tells the story of heroines and freedom fighters.
The movie ‘Nawab LLB’ starring Shakib Khan, Mahiya Mahi and Sporshia will be released at 8 pm on Victory Day. The film will be released on the OTT platform i Theater app. This is the first time that a movie starring Shakib Khan is being released directly on the app.The film is directed by Ananya Mamun. Suddenly, the news of the release of so many movies in a month has brought relief to the cinema, but there is also a fear whether release of five new films can pull the audience to the cinema halls or not amid corona.


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