My Barbie film will be ‘something totally different’: Margot Robbie | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular actress Margot Robbie has hinted that her upcoming Barbie movie will be unlike what fans are expecting. The Harley Quinn actress has long been slated to play the world’s most iconic fashion doll in a live-action movie and has vowed to give audiences ‘something totally different,’ reports Daily Mail.
Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig and her partner Noah Baumbach have signed on to write the script in a movie that has a more dystopian take on the historically ‘perfect’ doll. The film’s plot centers on Barbie being expelled from Barbie Land for failing to live up to the expectations of its residents. Margot said that she hopes to put some ‘positivity out in the world’ and provoke ‘thoughtful conversation’ with the new movie.
Barbie was created by Ruth Handler after watching her daughter Barbara plays with paper dolls as if they were adults. Ruth along with the help of her husband Elliot – who was a co-founder of toy company Mattel – developed and launched Barbie in 1959 and they instantly had a hit on their hands which has lasted to this day.


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