Rimi, Marzuk’s drama ‘Chaileo Parina’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Actor Marzuk Russell has his own fans that are always eager to watch his acted dramas. This actor feels comfortable to act in exceptional roles while acting. He will be again seen in Udoy Bangali directed a drama titled ‘Chaileo Parina’ where Rimi Karim acted against Marzuk. Mia Zahid Julhas wrote story of the drama, which shooting was finished in different locations in the capital’s Uttara area recently.
While talking about acting in the drama Rimi Karim said, “Marzuk Bhai is my favorite actor. He is a good human being. I always enjoy his acting. I worked with him earlier including Abul Hayat Uncle, Sohel Arman Bhai, Anjan Aich, among others. When Marzuk presents on the set we enjoy a lot. When I act with him I also enjoy his company during shoo ting. Overall, I really enjoy working with him. Story of ‘Chaileo Parina’ is different from others.
For this reason, I am optimistic about the drama. Earlier, I had experience to work under Udoy Bangali’s direction. He gave direction of this drama nicely. I believe viewers will enjoy the drama.” Director Udoy Bangali said, “In fact, there is lack of good script for making drama. For this reason, I cannot make drama frequently.
I always want to make drama based on good stories. Julhas wrote a nice story for drama ‘Chaileo Parina’. For this reason, I showed interest to make the drama with his written story. While making the drama Marzuk Bhai, Rimi Karim, Sharmeen Ankhee, Chashi Bhai, among others co-operated me a lot. I believe this drama will be enjoyed by the viewers. After telecasting in a TV channel the drama will also be aired on a YouTube channel.” Earlier, Marzuk Russell and Rimi Karim-starrer drama ‘Nayok Rajar Rouppo Padak’ got popularity among the viewers. 


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