Anne Hathaway’s challenging return | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Actress Anne Hathaway feels returning to screen after a break can be a tough challenge. “I feel like I’m going through something similar and it’s a funny thing,” she quipped, on returning to screen after a break.Anne Hathaway continued, “We talk about these things as if they’re specific line breaks as opposed to another thing which is this accumulation of experience and wisdom and everything builds on each other like layers. We always look at ourselves in these specific ways and we’re just getting to a point where we’re more relaxed and accepting that we’re all sorts of different things and whether you have kids is not relevant.”
Talking about her work, Anne Hathaway said: “When you look at all of my films, you have to look at the directors. We do our best but then it takes on a whole another life when the director’s the one who guides it, edits it, works the music that goes on top of it and so when I think of those performances, I think it’s because I’ve had such amazing directors protecting me.”
Hathaway expressed her views when she joined Drew Barrymore on her talk show, ‘The Drew Barrymore Show.’ “You’re so charming and candid on the show; I can just watch you forever.  Whenever I’m scrolling through channels and I come across your face, I’m just so happy, it gives me the best feeling,” Anne Hathaway said about Barrymore’s show.


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