Niloy, Heme’s drama ‘Juarir Prem’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Niloy Alamgir is popularly a person of drama. In recent times, Niloy has acted in more dramas with Heme. The dramas are waiting to be aired. Meanwhile, last Saturday, they acted in the drama ‘Juarir Prem’ under the direction of two talented playwrights, Aditya Johnny.
The drama is composed by Mizanur Rahman Belal. In the drama, Niloy has played the role of Jibon and Heme the role of Sara. Director Aditya Johnny said that the drama is mainly about gambling. Jibon loves Sara and at one point, the two ran away and got married. But soon after that, various problems started between the two of them.
The story of the drama goes on. Niloy said, “The story of the drama is good. I really enjoyed the work. And at the moment Heme and I are working together on several dramas. I have worked with Heme before. She is doing very well in acting now.”
Heme said, “As a co-artist, Niloy Bhai is very supportive. My relationship with him is a wonderful friendship. That is why there are many benefits to working. In the drama, we also tried to finish the work quite well according to the two characters. I hope the audience will like it.”
 The drama ‘Juarir Prem’ will be aired on Nagorik TV soon. Niloy and Heme first acted in the drama ‘Tumi Ele Tai’ under the direction of Saiful Islam Mannu. Niloy Heme has also completed two solo dramas titled ‘My Game’ and ‘Minar O Minur Songsar’. Heme is currently studying BBA in addition to acting.


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