Oyshee pays tribute to Runa Laila | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular singer of present generation is Fatima Tuz Zahra Oyshee. During her childhood, legendary singer Runa Laila was inspiration of Oyshee in the field of music. During that time Oyshee rendered songs of Runa in different stage shows. This time she rendered a song for Runa Laila to pay tribute to the singer’s birthday on November 17. 
In 2001-02, under Farid Ahmed’s music composition and Shyamol Bhaduri’s lyrics, Runa lent her voice for a song titled ‘Antobihin ei poth chola’, which was used in Tarik Mintu directed a drama serial ‘Ferari Siren’. This song is still favorite to Runa.
It is seen that country’s singers rendered most popular songs of Runa Laila in different times as their cover song. Oyshee is exceptional in this regard. She has covered Runa’s this song with having different types of liking. Oyshee has re-arranged the song by own way. Last Sunday she was busy with this song.
After completing music video of the song, Oyshee posted this song on her Facebook page and own YouTube channel yesterday. While talking about to re-arrange the song by own way and also to lend her voice for it for paying tribute to Runa Laila on the occasion of her birthday, Oyshee said, “I was brought up to follow musical career of respected Runa Laila Madam. But it is not possible to copy her accurately. For this reason, I tried to follow her while rendering songs. I never rendered song under own arrangement. For the first time, I did it on the occasion of Runa Laila Madam’s birthday to pay tribute to her. The song of Ferari Siren is not only favourite to me but also my family.”


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