Kate discusses underwater scene in ‘Avatar 2’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

This year, actress Kate Winslet reunited with director James Cameron on the ‘Avatar’ sequels. While in the past, many actors claimed that the director used to run his sets with a firm hand, it appears the years have softened him a bit. While talking with Collider, the actress discussed working with a “calmer” James Cameron than the one she knew from the ‘Titanic’ set.
“I will say that he’s just much more stepped into his true self, I think,” she said. “That’s because of experience. That’s also because he’s done ‘Avatar’ before, so he knows this world and he knows these characters.  He’s invented that way of filming. There’s a level of confidence that has grounded him in a much more comfortable place, just for him. He was brilliantly collaborative on ‘Avatar’, honestly. I was awe struck by how much time he allows for the actors to often just meander over a scene, if it doesn’t feel like it fit quite right. And obviously safety had to come first.”
The actress went on to add some details about the ‘Avatar 2’ set photos that fans saw recently.”I was walking on the bottom of the tank. That’s a big ceremonial sequence with those huge heavy wings. That was quite scary. The thing is, when you can hold your breath for seven minutes, you become unafraid. Actually, strangely, I was able to rely on my own ability to hold my breath for that long. Somehow I was not afraid, at all. And there’s so much safety underwater. There are two safety divers on every performer. There are two safety divers on every underwater camera.”


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