‘Jodi Boro Hote Chao’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Regular actor in TV dramas is Fs Nayeem. He has become popular among the viewers to act in different multidimensional and challenging roles. For this reason, he is frequently seen to play in exceptional roles in TV dramas now. However, the actor has become choosy in case of acting. When he likes any character and full story of the drama, he agrees to work. This time recently Nayeem has finished shooting of first phase of Afsana Mimi directed a drama serial titled ‘Shayankal’ for BTV. He is very much optimistic about this serial. According to the actor, he likes to work under Afsana Mimi’s direction.
Nayeem informed that he is going to start shooting of Noim Imtiaz Neyamul directed NTV’s ongoing drama serial ‘Hawai Mithai’ soon. He is also optimistic about this work. Meanwhile, recently Nayeem and Nadia Mim have finished shooting of a faction drama titled ‘Jodi Boro Hote Chao’. Ashiq Chowdhury and Maha also acted in two important roles in the drama. Earlier, Nayeem and Nadia Mim shared the screen for several times. ‘Priyonti’, ‘Rodela Brishti’, ‘Porompora’, ‘Mukher Dike Dekhi’, ‘Moddhyobitto’, etc are their acted mentionable works.
In the beginning of his career, Nayeem acted in Khijir Hayat Khan’s movie ‘Jaago’ where Ferdous, Bindu, Rawnak Hasan were his co-actors. Later, he also acted in another movie titled ‘Rongdhonu’. Anchol and Anny Khan was his co-actress in this film but it did not get the release date till now, Nayeem also said.