‘Ghreena’ song on rape | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

A music video has been made in protest against rape which has been written by Rawnak Ikram. The name of the song is ‘Ghreena’. Deen Islam Shahrukh has made the melody and given voice to this song belonging to the Rap genre. The iconic video stars Anika Auni, Magdalena Rosario, Anima Mim and Hossain Iqbal. The video released under the banner of Lionic Multimedia is directed by Shahrukh and Bishu. Regarding the song, Shahrukh said, “I made this song in protest of the ongoing rape incidents in the country. Just as the beasts that are raping are criminals, we are also criminals by enduring that crime. So, should protest. If everyone raises the voice of protest from their place, then the society can be freed from the disease of rape.” In future, Shahrukh will come up with a few more songs about various inconsistencies in the society.


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