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Kludio Kitchen’s food now at efood

Cloud based food tech platform Kludio Kitchen’s foods now can be ordered at E-food, a venture of Limited. Food lovers residing at Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara of the capital can order food of Kludio and get at home delivery through E-food.

Through an official MoU recognition on Tuesday (October 20th), kludio has partnered itself with Evaly. At Evaly office in Dhanmondi, the signing ceremony took place.

Evaly Chairman Shamim Nasrin and Kludio Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) signed in the MoU on behalf of their respective companies. Evaly founder and CEO Mohammad Rassel, Head of Food Technology Mustahid Ul Islam, Head of Business Development Shahnewas Mannan and Kludio’s Operation Lead Sheuly Akter were present at the signing ceremony.

Under the agreement, customers will be able to order kitchen-cooked meals prepared in eight kitchens of Kludio Kitchen on e-food. The kitchens include Dough On THE GO, Hero Burger, Fry Box, Goreng, Deshio, Whole Some, Five Star Fish & Chips and Shera Pizza. In the future, there will be interesting offers from e-food on Kludio Kitchen by Evaly, the company said.

Mohammad Rassel, CEO of Evaly, said Kludio produces very high quality, healthy, hygienic and delicious foods. Kludio joins our platform to deliver these premium meals to Evaly customers. We will deliver Kludio’s food to customers at the fastest time possible. At the same time we will have exciting offers for Kludio’s food.

Kishwar Hashemee, the founder and CEO of Kludio Kitchen, said, “We are preparing food in a home-style environment instead of a traditional hotel. The concept of cloud kitchen is very popular in the world today. Since our establishment we have worked exclusively on quality and branding. We have received a lot of response from customers at this time. Now we are moving towards further expansion of our activities. We are happy to be associated with Evaly at such a time. We want to work with Evaly in the long run, which started today”