Mehazabien to feature in ‘Best Friend’ series | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular actress Mehazabien Chowdhury was also praised for her performance in the drama ‘Best Friend’. This time she is once again returning for ‘Best Friend 3’.
Jovan Prabir Roy Chowdhury was acclaimed for his impeccable performance in ‘Best Friend’. It can be said that Jovan became more and more popular with his fans by acting in ‘Best Friend’ as Avito. Adar and Shaheed Un Nabi also acted in it. The drama was also directed by Jovan Prabir Roy Chowdhuryb as well.
This time ‘Best Friend 3’ was created in the atmosphere of the story of ‘Best Friend’. Mehazabien Chowdhury, Jovan, Adar and Shahid Un Nabi have acted in it. The story of the drama has been written by Prabir Roy Chowdhury himself. In the meantime, the work of capturing the scenes of the drama in different locations including Uttara and Chittagong of the capital has been completed.
Mehazabien Chowdhury said about working in the drama ‘Best Friend 3’, “I have played the role of Faria in the drama. I am very optimistic about this episode. The previous two parts were quite liked by the audience. But all the questions can be answered in ‘Best Friend 3’. That’s why I’m very optimistic about this episode.
Thanks to director Prabir Roy Chowdhury Dada for making the drama with a lot of sincerity. As an actor, I have been getting a lot of response since the beginning of ‘Best Friend’. And this time the episode is much more organized than before. A part of the shooting is also being done in Australia. In a real sense, the director has made the drama with a lot of effort.”


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