Kumar Biswajit to release new song ‘Meghla Din’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

 A leading personality in the music industry of Bangladesh is Kumar Biswajit. He always grasps time through music. And that is why this evergreen singer is equally popular with all types of listeners.
He tries to present new songs keeping in mind the audience of all ages. The journey of the first musical film of Bangladesh started with the hand of Kumar Biswajit. With the help of Kumar Biswajit, a new chapter is about to begin in the music arena.
For the first time, a music video for his new song was created using Miniocha’s technology. This technology is commonly used in Hollywood Bollywood movies. In the meantime, the work of making the music video of the song has been completed for four days in a row. The title of his song this time is ‘Meghla Din’.
The song is written by Taju Kamrul and composed by Ahmed Humayun. The music video of the song has been made by Chadan Roy Chowdhury. Kumar Biswajit said, “A lot of my work was actually stuck because of corona. I needed a coffee shop on a secluded hillside for the music video for this song. With this demand for the music video in mind, I made it through Miniocha and finished the video for the song.
External lectures were very demanding for the song. So by making music videos in this way, the work is done quite well. This new style of work was quite challenging. I am also very optimistic about the work. If the audience loves it, then a new door of possibility will open with my hand.’


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