Bapparaj, Samrat contract coronavirus | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Renowned actor Bapparaj and Samrat, sons of legendary film actor Nayak Raj Razzak, have been infected with the coronavirus. Although the whole family diagnosed with the virus, their mother Khairunnesa Lokhhi is safe. Both Bapparaj and Samrat are currently in isolation.
About this, Bapparaj said they have all been at home very carefully in the whole COVID situation. “Even then, we don’t understand how it happened,” he said.
“I urge all not to take COVID lightly. Everyone should follow the hygiene rules. We are all at home as per the doctor’s advice. Pray for us,” he added.
It is learned that a week ago, Bapparaj and his younger brother Samrat and their wives and children were diagnosed with the deadly virus. Even their housemaid was also infected. Nayak Raj Razzak’s wife Khairunnesa Lokhhi is currently at her sister’s house.


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