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Published : Wednesday, 25 November, 2020 at 9:15 PM
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Kamlapur Station likely to be demolished for Metro Rail extension

The under-construction Metro Rail (MRT-6) line–from Diabari at Uttara to Shapla Chattar at Motijheel–will be extended up to Kamlapur Railway Station by 1.16km. Because of it, the aesthetic Kamlapur Railway Station, built in 1968, may require to shift from its present location.

The proposal was surfaced at a meeting of the Ministry of Railway held in the capital on Tuesday. The Ministry of Railway earlier opposed the extension of Metro Rail as it would require shifting of Kamlapur Railway Station. Will Metro Rail be extended or Kamlapur Railway Station be shifted? This question has extensively been discussed so far. However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given consent to extend the length of Metro Rail Line up to Kamlapur Station by some one kilometer. Afterward, the Rail Ministry agreed to the proposal.

According to the new plan, the last station of MRT-6 line will be built somewhere near the entrance of the existing Kamlapur Station. It will cover up the aesthetic beauty of Kamlapur Station. So, the Railway Ministry has made a proposal to shift the entire Kamlapur Station toward Shajahanpur, about 180 meter of the north.

Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan, Prime Minister’s adviser Salman F Rahman, senior officials of different ministries and departments were present at the meeting.

Railway Director General Md Shamsuzzaman said a multimodal transport hub would be developed centering the existing Kamlapur Station. However, the Kamlapur Station would not be demolished right now. It would be shifted after the completion of Metro Rail work. Then work would start with the approval of the prime minister. It may require five to ten years.



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