Coronavirus: 15,131 infected, 13,818 healed in Rangpur division

RANGPUR, Dec 21, 2020 (BSS) – A total of 15,131 people have been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19), and of them, 13,818 already healed in Rangpur division where the daily infection rate continues to show a declining trend in recent days.

Health officials said the number of COVID-19 cases rose to 15,131 as 25 new patients were reported after testing 188 samples at the two COVID-19 Laboratories in the division on Sunday with the daily infection rate of about 13.30 percent.

Earlier, the daily infection rates were 17.76 percent on Saturday, 16.26 percent on Friday, 14.81 percent on Thursday, 11.97 percent on Wednesday and 12.50 percent on Tuesday last in the division.

Since the beginning, a total of 93,071 collected samples of suspected patients of Rangpur division were tested till Sunday, and of them, the 15,131 people were found COVID-19 positive with an average infection rate of around 16.26 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of recovered patients rose to 13,818 with the healing of 102 more infected people on Sunday with an average recovery rate of about 91.32 percent in the division.

“The average recovery rate is currently around 5.62 times higher than the average infection rate in the division,” Focal Person of COVID-19 and Assistant Director (Health) for Rangpur division Dr. ZA Siddiqui told BSS today.

The district-wise break up of the total 15,131 patients stands at stands at 3,868 in Rangpur, 759 in Panchagarh, 1,295 in Nilphamari, 953 in Lalmonirhat, 990 in Kurigram, 1,461 in Thakurgaon, 4,386 in Dinajpur and 1,419 in Gaibandha districts.

The 13,818 recovered patients include 3,304 of Rangpur, 724 of Panchagarh, 1,228 of Nilphamari, 921 of Lalmonirhat, 928 of Kurigram, 1,313 of Thakurgaon, 4,069 of Dinajpur and 1,331 of Gaibandha districts in the division.

Talking to BSS today, Divisional Director (Health) Dr. Md. Ahad Ali said the number of fatalities climbed to 283 in the division with one more death reported from Dinajpur on Sunday.

“The district-wise break up of the 283 fatalities stands at 65 in Rangpur, 100 in Dinajpur, 30 in Thakurgaon, 27 in Nilphamari, 15 in Kurigram, 15 in Gaibandha, 20 in Panchagarh and 11 in Lalmonirhat districts of the division,” he said.

The average casualty rate currently stands at 1.87 percent in the division.

Among the total 15,131 COVID-19 infected patients, 57 are undergoing treatments at isolation units of different hospitals after recovery of 13,818 patients and 283 deaths while 973 remaining in home isolations across the division.

“Since the beginning, a total of 92,157 people of the division were put in quarantines, and of them, 87,356 released and 4,801 are currently remaining in home or institutional quarantines,” Dr. Ali added.

Chief of Divisional Coronavirus Service and Prevention Task Force and Principal of Rangpur Medical College Professor Dr. AKM Nurunnabi Lyzu said the daily COVID-19 infection rate started showing a declining trend in recent days in the division.

“Common people should sincerely wear masks while remaining outside and strictly abide by the health directives to remain safe during the current from COVID-19 infection in the winter season,” he added.


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