China, Russia vote against UN draft resolution on minorities’ situation in Myanmar – National –

China and Russia have once again stood beside Myanmar while India and Japan refrained from standing against them as a draft resolution on the situation of human rights of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar was adopted 130-9 by the UN General Assembly.

Russia, China, Belarus, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Myanmar themselves were the nine countries that voted against the resolution, i.e. in Myanmar’s favour, reports UNB.

The proposal was placed before the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations on Thursday.

A total of 130 countries including Bangladesh voted against Myanmar.

Nine of the 130 countries previously voted in favour of Myanmar but this time, they voted against.

A total of 26 countries, including India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Singapore abstained from voting.

India recently said they engage with Myanmar at every level, including the highest level of the civilian government and the highest level of military establishment in the State of Rakhine, where they claimed to make their position clear.

Japanese Ambassador Ito Naoki said they are communicating directly with Myanmar’s top military officials and at the government level on the Rohingya crisis as Japan sees it the proper channel to play a role.

China is trying to work with Myanmar and Bangladesh to find a solution through tripartite discussion.

Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it rejects “ill-disguised, mischaracterized and politicized” resolution co-sponsored by the OIC and the European Union.

On 31 December 2020, at its 48th plenary meeting (resumed), the 75th UN General Assembly took action on Third Committee resolution against Myanmar.

Myanmar delegation called for the vote and voted against resolution number IV contained in document A/75/478/Add.3.

In his explanation of the vote, Myanmar’s Permanent Representative reiterated that the country would not accept the exploitation of human rights and would regard any attempt to censure them as an abuse of UN mechanisms under “the banner of human rights”.



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