In search of history of Liberation of Bangladesh with Hassan Munawar

“I believe that my war is still running and I do not stop until I can spread the true history every corner of the Bangladesh.”  – Hasan Munuwar

In our society, there have lots of people who are trying to change the scenario. But there have few persons who are trying to change the present scenario to highlight the history of heroism and also trying to help the young generation to gain the consciousness of liberation war.

Hassan Munawar – A candid person with speculative eyes started his journey in 2006 in search of the history of the liberation of Bangladesh. Today Eastern News Agency coincides with Hassan Munawar and shall try to explore the insights of his contribution which last 14 years he is unconditionally flourishing the liberation history of Bangladesh to youngsters.

Let’s find out more…

  • What do you think about the present youth activites?

Well, this is a very tough question for me, you know! There are two kinds in a row now I see. One is marching with true learning from history, and others are not. The conflict is rising day by day. Youth activities are facing new kinds of challenges for that reason.

  • You are working from 2006 with our Liberation war, in 14 years what you saw the scenario? 

Well, the scenario is good but it should be more transparent. Still, we cannot final the list of our freedom fighters. Many of them are neglected.

We cannot deny our lack of intensification on that matter. From the beginning of my work, the environment was not very friendly. You can’t imagine that once I had bitten by a bunch of police because of protesting and demanding the right of the freedom fighter. The situation is much ok now, for the government and their policy. I had seen many ups and downs in this journey, I saw the judgment of my Father of the nation, I saw the tribunal of war criminals, I saw our prime minister rehabilitate the poor freedom fighters. On the other hand, I also saw the death of my great freedom fighters in poverty. But I am hopeful, the journey is going on. One day we shall see the result.

  • The way you are representing history, is it ok? According to your view.

Look many of my fellows criticize me for my presentation, but I think on time, what time we are passing, children are now busy with superhero, cartoon, and animation game if we are trying to take their intention we have to grab this plot. If we are trying to take their intention we have to grab this plot. Yes, our freedom fighters were more heroic than their imaginary heroes. Then we have to present this heroism to the children. I had told 1st that the freedom fighters are superheroes. In 2011, I took the initiative for publishing 1st liberation war-based comic. I want to put the true spirit of glorious history in their mind through their way, their colorful mind.

  • For 4 to 10 age children, how we need to represent history.

As I had told you I think that we have to shake their mind with the victory, story, cartoon, games, quiz, and Styrofoam tools. They are wanted to lesson. So tell them the story in a creative way, they want to draw. So asked them to draw the story, they want to see then let them a chance to collaborate with freedom fighters.

  • I know you took many freedom fighters interview, what’s the view of them to the presentation situation?

Obviously, many of them are now ok for present Government policy, but not all of them. Government and organizations should take more care of them.

  • What is your thinking? Are Bangladeshi people getting their every right?

You say right? What is right? This is our country, we already achieved our rights. Now we have to improve the system which is not giving our right and we have to develop our self to improve the system.

  • What is the exact gap between our new generations to know history?

I think that the exact gap between the new generations is the only proper step, we have to take more and more work on that issue. You know many of us are disagreeing and show discouragement to work on that topic. Because this is a non-profitable work, if this journey is going on, we cannot find ourselves in future

  • Do you really think that the freedom fighters believe fully output until 2020?

No, because the Liberation war was not just a war, It was a war for dignity, right, Sovereignty, and against corruption. If I look at those aspects in 2020, I have to tell you that war is not over yet…

Our journey will continue to find true patriots like Hasan Munuwar. And Eastern News Agency wished him the best of luck for his upcoming challenge.

NB: Interview was taken by Mahir Daiyan, Special Correspondent 

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