Zara reveals mystery of her make-up look | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Singer Zara Larsson says one of her all-time favorite glam looks was drag. Zara has revealed that she loved the glam transformation given to her by the LGBTQ+ collective Sink The Pink in 2019. “One of my favourite make-up looks was when I did drag. It was in London; actually, it was just so sick.
How you can transform your look like that with make-up,” Zara Larrson told make-up artist Abby Roberts in an interview. Zara recently opened up about her stage outfits and how she loves being “extra” with all the sparkles. “Fashion and music go hand-in-hand and wearing my stage clothes is so much fun, I want to wear stuff that I wouldn’t on a normal day.
I love a show, I want glitter, I want light, I want shoulder pads – I want to be extra,” Zara said. As for make-up, she admitted she would rather let the artist do their own thing. She said: “I don’t always know what to do with make-up. I’ll be sitting in the chair, and a make-up artist will ask my opinion, and I’ll say, ‘Just do something nice’.”