Isla finds fairytales offensive | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Hollywood actor Isla Fisher finds a lot of fairytales offensive as they push gender stereotypes or show women as damsels in distress. “I think a lot of the fairytale stories are a little offensive,” Fisher said while opening up about what sort of stories she reads to her children. “
They push [the idea] of being rescued by a prince or, a woman without a mother, an abandoned woman, or woman as a witch or stepmother,” added the mother of three. Fisher added, “So, a lot of these stereotypes don’t necessarily match my ideals. I’ve always reformed and restructured them. I have exchanged words like beautiful for good or smart. I think that’s what all modern moms do.
We are just trying to subvert the stereotypes that are there because they’re so old.” For Fisher, happily ever after doesn’t have the typical fairytale ending – and that is a message she wants to give to all young girls. “For young girls watching, happy ever after doesn’t necessarily include a castle, a prince, and a dress. It can be blessings you have in your life – your family or work,” she said.


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