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Mir Sabbir and ParsaEvana are two popular small screen actors of the country. The artiste duo has appeared in several audience-acclaimed dramas, including, ‘Malek Hoite Shabdhan’, ‘Shoshur Barir Chhele’ and ‘Bou Jodi Emon Hoy’. Now the artistes will be seen in the single-episode drama ‘Protihingsha’.Director Topu Khan has made the episode (Protihingsha) for his drama serial ‘Shomoyer Golpo’.’Shomoyer Golpo’, a true story based drama serial, is being aired on Rtv at 08:30pm on Sunday and Monday in a week.
Talking about ‘Protihingsha’, Mir Sabbir said, “ShomoyerGolpo has gained popularity among the audience. Topu Khan is depicting the dissimilarities of society through the serial ShomoyerGolpo. This episode (Protihingsha) is not different from other episodes. Talented actress Parsa Evana will be seen with me in Protihingsha. We have tried our level best to portray ourselves according to the characters. I hope the audience will also enjoy our work.”
Evana said, “The story of Protihingsha is amazing. Thanks Topubhai for this episode. I’m also very grateful to Mir Sabbirbhai. Earlier, I’ve acted with Sabbir bhai. He is very cooperative actor and director. I always learn something new from Sabbir bhai.”     
‘Protihingsha’ will be aired on Rtv soon.   Mir Sabbir is one of the most popular small screen actors of the country. Sabbir made his television debut in 1999 with his performance in a drama titled ‘Putro’. Since then he has performed in more than one thousand TV dramas. Besides acting, Sabbir has also directed many popular dramas like ‘Barisal BonamNoakhali’, ‘Maqbul’ and ‘Noashaal’.
Parsa Evana is one of the reliable actresses to the directors now. She was the champion in ‘Channel i SheraNachiye in 2014’. She first acted in AnjanAich’s play ‘Ponchomir Chand’. Her notable plays are ‘Shobar Ghor’, ‘Ye Noi Biye’, ‘Malek Hoite Sabdhan’, ‘Deyaler Opsahey Tumi’ and ‘Baper Beta’.


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