Robbie wants her character to represent LGBTQ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Margot Robbie’s ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ spin-off has grabbed many eyeballs due to various reasons. The most prominent being the fact that a Pirates movie is being made that too without Johnny Depp playing Jack Sparrow in it. Keeping aside the controversies attached, it was said that this spin-off would be a women-centric one. The latest update takes the conversation a step ahead as it is being said that Robbie wants her character to be a representative of the LGBTQ+ community. Below is all the tea that you want and deserve about the franchise today.
‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ spin-off that stars Margot brings the ‘Birds Of Prey’ duo together as Christina Hodson is helming the ship. There have been several speculations about the storyline of this much-anticipated spin-off, the latest being the one we are talking about.
As per We Got This Covered, insider Daniel Richtman, who has many true speculations to his credit, says that Margot Robbie has pitched an idea to the makers of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’. As per Richtman, Robbie wants to play an LGBTQ+ character in the movie. “Margot wants her character in PotC film to be LGBT,” Richtman said.


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