Rituparna keen to direct movies in future | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Can Rituparna Sengupta ever imagine a retired life? Does the Tollywood diva see herself as an actress who will continue acting till age permits? Or does the seasoned actress see herself gravitating towards direction or not being in front of the camera? Well, Rituparna admits people can see her as a director one day.”About me as an actress, I do not want to do anything beyond what I am doing at the moment. I am very sure that I won’t be acting till my last breath, but I will do something graceful that suits me, reports Times Of India.
I will be the focal point of a film till that’s possible. About direction, I need some more knowledge. As of now, I am directing dance shows and will soon direct a musical. About film direction, nothing is impossible. May be someday, you will see me donning the director’s hat,” said the versatile actress.
We also asked her whether she is happy with the roles coming her way? To that, Rituparna adds the best roles are yet to come.”There are good roles, but the best ones are yet to come. I would definitely want to essay meatier roles in good films. The film industry, as a whole, can also do better. I can expect some more harmony between directors and producers.
The directors are selective in their choice of actors and sometimes, those choices smack of arrogance. People are always like, ‘Oh, I can’t work him’, ‘Oh, I can’t approach her’. The casting is getting stunted because of that,” explains the ‘Parcel’ actress who is eagerly waiting to get back to Kolkata.
The celebrated actress is finally gearing up to return to Kolkata after spending eight months of family time in Singapore. “It is my longest stay here. I think I’m going to be back as a sharper person with my renewed world views. This period allowed me to pause and analyze human nature,” she shared with us during the freewheeling chat.


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