Raveena reveals her secret mantra of building immunity | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Like every other doting mother, Raveena Tandon is also well aware of the difficulties in making children eat healthy food at home. The ravishing actress suggests the best way is to make any dish more presentable as kids would crave for anything delicious.
Raveena also shared if the food looks good kids would be curious to try it. She says mothers should experiment with fruits and dairy products such as making a banana or strawberry smoothie to make it interesting for kids. The actress also has another option for giving neutrinos that would be healthy for kids. Tandon adds foods rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin A and D are the ones to add in daily food intake.
Sharing her experience of learning the importance of eating healthy amid the pandemic, she also revealed her secret mantra for building immunity and the importance of taking care of our body at a growing age.Raveena further said as kids grow up their body needs vitamins, protein, and calcium. Also, she stresses on a balanced diet for holistic growth and development. She feels involvement in physical activities can also boost kids’ development.
The popular actress added the importance of having a healthy conversation with children to understand their sentiments is a must for the parents.Speaking about her lockdown experience at home, Raveena said the actor said she spent a lot of me-time while giving everyone in family their self-space and indulging in things they loved.