Eminem apologizes to Rihanna on new album | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Rihanna and Eminem’s feud is a very famous affair. What seemed like a never-ending fight, is slowly and steadily taking a right turn. The rapper is trying to make things right with RiRi. In early 2019, an unreleased track that Eminem recorded in 2009, leaked online and in one of the verses he raps about siding with RiRi’s ex Chris Brown.Chris pleaded guilty to felony assault against the Barbados born beauty. Although Eminem’s offensive lyrics went public more than a year ago, he’s shining the spotlight on his mistake again in an effort to make amends with RiRi.
Eminem gave Rihanna a heartfelt apology in his new song “Zeus” and a source close to the Detroit legend tells HollywoodLife that he made the public apology because he wants Rihanna to know he’s got her back. “EM respects Rihanna so much. They have collaborated on some monster hit songs, and he is looking forward to doing it again in the future. He has apologized to her privately, but he thought that to do it publicly was a sign that he has matured.”
“He writes and rhymes about his life,” continued the source, “and as things change and as his thoughts change him addresses them head-on, and that is what happened here with Rihanna. He realized his mistake and wanted the world to know what he told her privately and that he has her back and trust.”
In his new song, “Zeus”, from his surprise new album “Music to Be Murdered By – Side B,” Eminem raps, “But, me, long as I re-promise to be honest / And wholeheartedly, apologies, Rihanna / For that song that leaked, I’m sorry, Ri / It wasn’t meant to cause you grief.”The leak Eminem is referring to happened in November 2019, when an unreleased track that he recorded more than a decade ago, during sessions for Relapse made it onto Reddit. “Of course I side with Chris Brown, I’d beat a bitch down too,” Eminem raps in a snippet from the song.
Rihanna hasn’t reacted to Eminem’s apology but according to sources her ex-boyfriend Chris is happy she’s being shown “respect” by Eminem. “Chris is happy for Rihanna and has always wished nothing but the best for her,” says a friend of the R&B singer. “
He knows she’s an incredibly smart, independent woman who deserves the absolute best life has to offer. What Eminem did by apologizing is his own journey, and that’s between him and Rihanna. It’s not his business to speak on that, but anybody showing respect for Rihanna he’s all about.”


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