Pritom’s wedding anthem


Pritom’s “Kababer Haddi” provides a fresh air to the wedding anthem playlist, dominated by Bollywood movie songs. But this might be Pritom’s last in this genre as he seeks a different musical route.
We all know that winter equals weddings. And what are weddings without a musical hit that will get every guest grooving to its beat!
On October 25, musician duo and brothers Pritom and Protic Hasan took Bangladesh by storm when their latest wedding anthem “Kababer Haddi” – a breath of fresh air in a densely saturated wedding anthem playlist of Bollywood movie songs – was released on YouTube.
Speaking about shooting such a high budget music video, Pritom told The Business Standard, “My experience of shooting “Kababer Haddi” was very good. You don’t get to do a lot of good quality, high budget music videos nowadays. For this, I’d like to thank our sponsor Tecno.”
The music video, starring Pritom as the man who runs a company to help brides and grooms escape awkward wedding situations, was equally entertaining. This high budget video also featured Sabnam Faria, who played the bride, and Protic the groom. Marzuk Russell’s appearance in the video also came as a surprise to many.
Adding to this, Pritom said, “Kajal Arefin Ome’s direction and timing gave the video an extra edge – the cast and crew were amazing on the set as well.” The cast included others such as Ziaul Hoque Polash and Mashrur Enan, more popularly known as Keto Bhai.


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