Oishee’s ‘Manob Gari’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Fatima Tuz Zahra Oishee is a popular vocalist of the present time. Going to come up with a new spiritual song for music lovers. It is titled ‘Manob Gari’. The song is composed by Ahmed Rabbani and arranged by Sumon Kalyan. Oishee said, “When Sumon Kalyan Dada sent me the song ‘Manob Gari’, I thought the audience would listen to it with interest.” The meaning of the song is very deep. I have high expectations for this. ” Meanwhile, Oishee sang the title song in the language of Noakhali in the movie ‘Mukti’. The song is written by SK Deep and composed by Shahriar Rafat. Oishee also sang a song for a film directed by Abul Kalam Azad. He is optimistic about all the songs.


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