Never thought Halal love was so beautiful: Sana Khan | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Former actress and Big Boss contestant Sana Khan married Gujarat-based Mufti Anas Sayied on November 20. Now the former actress has changed her name to Sayied Sana Khan on her Instagram account. After marriage, she said, “I never thought Halal love was so beautiful.”
Explaining the reason for leaving the showbiz world, the Big Boss contestant said she would serve humanity and obey the orders of her Creator. Sana fell in love after marriage. Posting photos with her husband on social media Instagram, she wrote, “I never thought Halal love could be so beautiful. I felt after marrying you. All Halal deeds are virtuous.”
Earlier, Sana posted a photo of her hand covering henna on Instagram, captioned: “If my love was not holy, the color of henna would not have come so brightly.” Sana also shared multiple photos in a white gown. Looking at the photos, it is understood that she is having a happy marriage with her husband. Sana also wrote that they loved each other for the sake of Allah. She also got married for the sake of Allah. May Allah keep us together in this world? May he be reunited us in Jannat.


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