‘Paranormal’: Netflix’s first Egyptian original is an addictive treat | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Set in 1969, Cairo, ‘Paranormal’ follows Refaat Ismail (Ahmed Amin), a hematologist with a dark sense of humor, who refuses to believe in the supernatural.The season opens with Refaat’s old friend and flame Maggie (Razane Jammal), a Scottish academic, who arrives in Egypt on a university grant; just as Refaat is due to marry his cousin, Huwaida (Aya Samaha), a pretty but naive schoolteacher.
These characters, along with other members of Refaat’s family and circle, including his sister Raeefa (Samma Ibrahim), older brother Reda (Rushdi Al Shami), and young nephew Taha (Adam Wahdan), become embroiled in a number of seemingly supernatural mysteries, with Refaat cast as the reluctant paranormal investigator.The first season consists of six episodes; each stretching 45-55 minutes. It has an overall story arc with a continuous storyline, but each episode brings in a new spooky paranormal incident or adventure.

“Paranormal” is a very fun watch, with some scary moments, thrilling action, and a very tragic ghost story to deliver an emotionally charged journey. The characters and humour will get you hooked to this series from the very beginning. Rehaat started seeing a ghost of a girl called Shiraz in his childhood. She tried causing some serious harm to Rehaat as a child, following which, Refaat and his family snapped ties with her.

A smart man who is obsessed with Murphy’s Law – anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong – Refaat invents his own laws in an attempt to make sense of the unexplainable things going on around him. Refaat made himself believe Shiraz was never real and thus, his life becomes a voyage towards trying to get rid of Shiraz’s hold on him and later, saving her from purgatory, and giving her salvation. The journey to Shiraz’s identity is very interestingly split into six episodes, dealing with six different victims, and their supernatural situation.


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