Salma Hayek joins Bernie Sanders meme bandwagon | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Hollywood star Salma Hayek has joined the viral meme fest on US Senator Bernie Sanders posting pictures on social media where she is seen playing in the snow with her owl and her dogs. In the backdrop, a picture of Senator Sanders can be seen. “It snowed in London, I ran out to play with my dogs and my owl and guess who showed up… #berniesanders,” Salma wrote as the caption. US Senator Bernie Sanders became the subject of memes on social media due to his anti-fashion look at the presidential inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden recently. He was pictured sitting in a stoic pose with his hands crossed wearing a mask on his face, a simple coat and oversized mittens. It is his mittens that have grabbed maximum attention of netizens! A photograph of Sanders wearing the oversized mittens has gone viral on social media and inspired a meme fest online! Till now, a few Bollywood celebrities have taken part in circulating Bernie Sanders memes, too, including actress Deepika Padukone.


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