Nadia busy with single dramas, serials | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular actress of the small screen is Nadia Ahmed, who has to engage with shooting of either in TV serials or single episode dramas round the month. As an example, last Tuesday and Wednesday Nadia was busy with shooting of Biplob Haider’s new drama serial titled ‘Sukh Pakhi’. She was engaged with shooting of cameraperson Moshiur Rahman directed his first TV drama titled ‘Sorol Rekha’ on Wednesday. And now she’s engaged with its shooting. Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu wrote story of the drama. Mir Sabbir is co-actor of Nadia in this single episode drama.
While talking about her new TV serial and single episode drama Nadia said, “I have liked story of new serial ‘Sukh Pakhi’. For this reason, I gave its schedule. My character is also nice. Director tried his level best to give direction of the serial. On the other hand, Moshiur Bhai has been working with camera for many days. ‘
Sorol Rekha’ is his directed first TV drama. For this reason, Sabbir Bhai and I tried our level best to co-operate him while making the single episode drama. I am very much optimistic about this drama because story of the drama was written by Shantanu. His written dramas have acceptability to the audience. I believe ‘Sorol Rekha’ will also get acceptability among the viewers.”
Nadia acted drama serial ‘Foreign Village’ is being aired on Banglavision from Thursday. Therefore, she has also started shooting of Nagorik TV’s Sohag Kazi directed serial ‘Bou Birodh’ and Aniruddho Russell’s ‘Chander Haat’, Banglavision’s Shahin directed serial ‘Ekti Gram Ekti Shohor’ and new drama ‘Modhupur’.


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