Momotaz returns to stage | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Two-times National Film Award winner and Member of Parliament Momotaz Begom has finally returned on stage. She was in her constituency during the days of lockdown in coronavirus.
Apart from keeping regular inquiries of the locals from the area, she has stood by them in times of danger. However, due to the closure of the stage show due to Corona, there were ordinary musicians in Momotaz’s own area who stopped earning money. For more than seven months, the families of those artistes have been living in dire straits.
Thinking of them, Momotaz organized an evening of Pala songs on Friday evening at Madhur Mancha in Vakum village of Jaymantab union in Singair, Manikganj. Momotaz also performed three songs in a row at the request of the audience. Also, from now until the corna situation becomes more normal considering the general artistees in her area, Pala songs will be arranged on Madhur Mancha every month.
Momotaz said, “People in our village who are not famous in that sense, but are very good artistees, who used to sing regularly on stage shows, are in a very bad condition. Since Madhur Mancha is the stage of Bauls. So if we can start small shows like this, it will be very useful for ordinary artistees. I have always been dedicated to the people of my area, the Baul artistes of the area; I am dedicated to the common artistes. No matter how busy I am, this program will continue every month for the time being, InshaAllah.”


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