Mira Rajput credits SK for support through her pregnancies | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor have been a picture of marital bliss since tying the knot in 2015. The duo embraced parenthood the following year when they welcomed their first child, baby girl Misha in 2016. Two years later, they were happy to announce that they were blessed with a baby boy, Zain.
While Shahid has always been gushing about being a daddy to two beautiful babies, it is wife, Mira who has been letting fans in on her pregnancy and sharing tips and tricks for young moms. In her latest interview with ZoomTV.com, the star-wife shared the importance of having a supportive partner during pregnancy.
Gushing about Shahid being a hands-on hubby and dad, she said it was “important” to have your partner’s support every step of the way. She went on to reveal that it was her hunky hubby who helped her stay “very calm and happy” though her pregnancies and made it a “beautiful journey”.
“I was only able to do this with complete support from both Shahid and my family,” Mira explained.
Rajput famously took over kitchen duties and implemented a healthy diet for her superstar hubby and the family. It is a known fact that Mira got Shahid to adopt a healthier diet and has been doing the same for her kids. Sharing the importance of inculcating a healthy lifestyle in her kids, she revealed that the move helped her and her family to healthy and fit all year round. She also stressed on the importance of teaching kids about their Indian roots and traditions.


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