Mamo gets appreciated for Nilu’s role | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

National Film Award winning actress Zakia Bari Mamo has not only interest to act in exceptional story based works but also to work in challenging roles. As a part of the social responsibility to create awareness among the people, Mamo often acts in exceptional story based dramas, movies and short films. Nilu is such type of short film where Mamo played the title role.
For the self protection of women in the present perspective of the society is the main theme of the short film Nilu. Mamo acted in the role of an action lady in the short film. She earlier did not see to act in such role. Directed by Vicky Zahed story of the short film was written by the director himself. After releasing the short film on YouTube channel, Mamo is getting huge response for the role.
While talking about acting in the title role in short film Nilu Mamo said, “When responsibility becomes dress, then Nilu is the protection of self defence. After releasing the short film, I am getting huge response from all. It was my first work with Vickey Zahed. Basically a good work depends on a team work between director and actors. So, all the successes of Nilu go to the full unit of the short film. I give a lot thanks to the full team of Nilu and also gratefulness to them. I give cordial thanks to those viewers who watched Nilu because for them the role Nilu got popularity.”
Mamo also informed that she has already finished shooting of Sagor Jahan’s drama titled ‘Mon Doroja’. She worked against Mosharraf Karim in the drama.


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