Jeetu, Deepa, Sushama starrer ‘Joutho Projojona’ | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Popular artistes Jeetu Ahsan, Deepa Khandakar and Sushama Sarkar starrer a different type of telefilm titled ‘Joutho Projojona’. It is going to be aired on Channel-I at on October 16 at 3.05 pm.The telefilm is written by Mezbah Uddin Sumon. The telefilm is directed by Maznun Mizan, a popular actor on the TV screen. For the first time, Jeetu, Deepa and Sushama have acted in the same production together.
Regarding the story, actor Jeetu Ahsan said that an advocate came to mediate between the husband and wife to resolve the dispute. Coincidentally, at one point the police came to arrest her husband and the story continues. In it, Sushama Sarkar has played the role of Deepa Khandaker’s friend. In addition to directing, Maznun Mizan has played the role of the advocate. Jeetu Ahsan said, “This telefilm is just the kind of story that the audience is usually interested in watching. All in all, the director has tried to work out the story properly. Hopefully the audience will like it.”
Deepa Khandaker said, “I like the story very much. Besides, everyone who has acted in it is established in his own case. That’s why we all have a good job together. I hope the audience will like it.” Regarding acting in it, Sushma said, “This is the first time I have acted under the direction of Mizan Bhai. The co-artists were also quite sincere. That is why I have been able to enjoy the work.”


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