Jaya shared her rage | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Protests are going on across the country against violence against women. Many are also holding human chains demanding maximum punishment against such criminals. This time Jaya Ahsan, a popular actress of both sides of the Bengal borders, opened her mouth to share her rage.
She posted a status on her official Facebook page on Thursday (October 8). Jaya writes in that sad status, “How can I watch this scene! Do I have to believe that the cruel video that went viral through social media was made in my country? One of my sisters is being sent to the abyss of hell by a boy next door to me, should I also see such a scene in the land where the blood of my brother soaked the green grass red?”
She further writes, ‘Innocent children, simple ethnics, happy wives going outside, housewives in the corners of the house – all are becoming pictures burnt in the embers of hell. Where is this catastrophic wave crashing out of one after another? So we have to accept, rape is our destination? No. We will never accept this consequence. If this is masculinity, I despise it. Everyone despise it in unison. And you come close to my heart, my sister.”
This is not the only protest on behalf of the stars. We have also seen renowned actor and director Meher Afroz Shaon and Chanchal Chowdhury take to the social media to share their thoughts on violence against women. On the other hand, star couple Moushumi and Omar Sunny has taken to the streets to take part in protest against women violence.


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