Finally, together again ‘Miya Bhai, Farhana Faruk | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

‘Miya Bhai’ starrer renowned actor and Member of Parliament for Dhaka 17 constituency Faruk is undergoing treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for serious ailment. He is accompanied by his wife Farhana Faruk. But after he was admitted to Mount Elizabeth hospital, Faruk and his wife Farhana Faruk were moved to Quarantine due to coronavirus.
Besides, phone and video calls were the only means of communication between the two from the room.  The remaining 14 days of quarantine ended and the two met once again a day later at the end of following through various hospital rules and regulations. Although he was in cabin number 9306 at first, he has now been shifted to cabin number 5625.  Faruk himself shared this with Bangladesh Post from Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.
Regarding this, Faruk said, “We have never been apart like this in our 28/29 years of married life. We were in rooms next to each other but we weren’t able to get close to each other. On one hand, I got sick in one room, on the other hand, my wife was restless worrying for me in another room. No one can understand this situation unless it happens in someone’s life. I’m feeling pretty good now. Having my wife by my side has boosted my morale.”
About his health, he added, “I am doing better now. After many tests, the final diagnosis has been made. I have TB in my blood. Here I am being treated by four specialists, including Dr. Lai Chung. I have to be under their observation for the next 4 weeks. However, the next 10 or 12 days I have to stay in the hospital.
Everyone please pray for me so that I can recover and return to the country soon because I miss Bangladesh a lot.” Faruk’s wife Farhana Faruk said, “I was much tensed these few days. After 15 days, all fears have been removed. Faruk is fine now. Everyone please pray for him.” Initially, Faruk was treated at United and Evergreen (Apollo) Hospitals in Dhaka. The actor arrived in Singapore on the morning of September 13 on a special flight for advanced treatment.


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