Farin to take break from shootings | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

Small screen model-actress Tasnia Farin became popular among the audience in a very short time. She started her career with modeling, but now she has established herself as an actress. She is even competing with other popular actresses like Mehazabien, Tanjin Tisha. The actress is seen busy shooting for about 30 days a month.
But now the popular actress is reducing her busyness, reducing acting. “I don’t like shooting for 30 days row a month,” she commented, saying that she “does not see any change in the quality of work.”
“I never like working for 30 days in a row. I can never give myself enough time due to work. From now on, I will work for 15 days a month and keep the rest of the time for myself,” said Tasnia Farin.
At that time, I want to read books, go for walks, give myself time and see my work and master acting better, she also said, adding: “There’s also one more special reason that I don’t want to say right now. I will announce it to everyone when the time comes. I am planning to implement a new dream, I want to put some time for that now.”
Regarding the change in the quality of work, the actress said, “All the work that I have been doing for the whole month is not up to the standard or all the work is not being accepted by the audience.”
“The works that I have been doing almost the same. If you do the same thing over and over again, the audience will not take it. I did a lot of work without choosing at the very beginning. But now I want to work very selectively,” she added.


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